160T High Quality Double Beam Gantry Crane working class A8

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: KuangYuan
Certification: CE, ISO, EAC,GOST
Model Number: MG,MGA,MGU
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1SET
Price: USD5000-1000000
Packaging Details: Standard export packing
Delivery Time: 30days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 400 sets/month

Detail Information

Lifting Capacity: 5T-160T Lifting Speed: 1~16m/min
Traveling Speed: 1~40m/min Handcart Speed: 1~40m/min
Span: 5~40m Lifting Height: 3~40m
Controal Type: Cab,Pendent Button, Wireless Remote Working Class: A5,A6,A7,A8
Power: 380v,50hz,3phases, Or Cutomer Require Motor: IP54
Insulation Class: F Brake: Electromagnetic Brake,Hydraulic Brake
Reducer: Hard Gear Control Mode: Cab,Pendent Line Control,wireless Remote
Color: Customizable Packing: Plywood Case
High Light:

200T Gantry Overhead Crane


A8 Gantry Overhead Crane


200T heavy duty gantry crane

Product Description

5~160t Customizable Double Girder Gantry Crane

Product description of 5~160t High Quality Double Beam Gantry Crane working class A8

The double main beam gantry crane is mainly composed of a mast, a crane trolley, a cart operating mechanism, a driver's cab and an electrical control system. The door frame is divided into box structure and truss structure. The main beam adopts the double-beam off-track form, and the outriggers are divided into A-shaped and U-shaped according to user requirements. The operation method adopts a closed driver's cab with adjustable seats, insulating mats on the bottom plate, and tempered glass for window glass, which can be equipped with heating and cooling air conditioners, buzzers, walkie-talkies and other items according to user requirements. There are two forms of power supply: cable reel and high-altitude sliding line.

product feature of 5~160t High Quality Double Beam Gantry Crane working class A8

The gantry crane (also known as the gantry crane) is a bridge type crane in which the bridge frame is supported on the ground track by the legs on both sides. In structure, it is composed of mast, cart operating mechanism, crane trolley and electrical parts. Some gantry cranes only have outriggers on one side, and the other side is supported on the factory building or trestle bridge. They are called semi-gantry cranes. The upper part of the gantry crane (including the main beam and end beam), outriggers, and lower cross beams are formed. In order to expand the operating range of the crane, the main beam can extend beyond the outriggers to one or both sides to form a cantilever. A lifting trolley with a boom can also be used to expand the crane's operating range through the pitch and rotation of the boom. Among them, the double girder gantry crane has strong carrying capacity, large span, good overall stability, and many varieties, but its own quality is larger than that of the single girder gantry crane of the same lifting weight, and the cost is also higher. According to the different main beam structure, it can be divided into two forms: box beam and truss. Generally, a box-shaped structure is used. Double girder gantry cranes have multiple classifications and applications, such as ordinary gantry cranes, hydropower station gantry cranes, shipbuilding gantry cranes, and container gantry cranes.

According to the industry standard GB/T14406, the gantry crane is usually composed of the following parts
1, cylindrical wheels
2, buffer
3, block brake
4, wire rope
5, lifting hook
6. Driver's cab
7, reducer
8. Cast pulley
9, casting reel
10, electric motor
11, electric control equipment

The gantry crane is also the gantry crane working level A: it reflects the working characteristics of the crane in two aspects: load status and utilization. The division of work levels is determined by the utilization level U and load status Q of the crane. They are divided into eight levels from A1 to A8. The working level of the crane, that is, the working level of the metal structure, is determined by the lifting mechanism, and is divided into A1-A8 level. If compared with the crane work type specified by China, it is roughly equivalent to: A1-A4-light; A5-A6- Medium; A7-heavy, A8-special heavy.

Selection instructions:
1. This series of double girder gantry cranes can meet various span, lifting height, working height and other requirements. There are single hook and double hook models, the standard configuration is a separate trolley, you can also add a trolley, you can also choose to add a cab or not add a cab. Customers can put forward corresponding requirements according to their actual needs.
2. According to the customer's actual situation and specific requirements (such as working height, speed and lifting height, etc.), the corresponding parameters, size, weight, wheel pressure, etc. will also change. Actual parameters, quality and wheel pressure can be negotiated with the sales manager.
3. Equipment parameters such as the lifting speed of the crane and the speed of large and small vehicles can be adjusted accordingly according to customer needs.
4. Technical parameters and dimensions will be changed due to technical improvements or upgrades.

Product technical parameters

S/N. Crane No.s 1
1 Name Double Girder Gantry Crane
2 Model MG160t
3 Working class A6
4 Capacity 80+80tons,
5 Span 19m
6 Lifting height 15+24m
7 Lifting speed 1~10m/min
8 Trolley travelling speed 1.5~15m/min
9 Crane travelling speed 2~20m/min
10 Control type Cab
11 Power supply 380V50Hz3Ph AC
12 Lifting motor 160KW
13 Trolley traveling motor 8.5KW
14 Crane long traveling motor 4x13KW
15 Crane weight 30700Kgs

160T High Quality Double Beam Gantry Crane working class A8 0


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