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Emegency notice

July 26, 2021

Latest company news about Emegency notice

Dear customers, overseas agencies and business managers:

Recently, due to large areas of rain in many areas, most areas have serious water accumulation. In view of this situation, the company headquarters requires staff from overseas agencies, sales departments, and after-sales service departments to assist in checking that the factory has been stranded in the cargo station or has been exposed on the road. All products of Rain.


Based on the feedback and statistics, the company’s board of supervisors and the board of directors made the following decisions:

All products that have been stored in the cargo station recently and have not been delivered to customers on the road will be returned to the factory for inspection; motors, speed changers, wheel bearings, electrical appliances and other components are immersed in water, soaked in water, and products with damaged paint appearance due to weather or All parts are returned to the factory for free inspection and replacement.


to ensure that every component is delivered to customers without safety hazards!
Ensure that every product is safe and reliable, so that customers can use it with confidence!



Please tell each other!
Hereby inform! ! !

Henan Mining Crane Co., Ltd.
July 22, 2021

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