European Style Single Hook Double Girder Overhead Crane Workshop Operation

Product Details:
Place of Origin: Henan,China
Brand Name: kuangyuan
Certification: ISO CE
Model Number: KSQ
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1SET
Price: USD 20000-100000
Packaging Details: Double girder bridge crane packing method: 1. Electric parts are packed by high quality plywood crate, to reduce distortion in conveying. 2. Main beams, end beams and trolly/winch are packed by plastic woven cloth. It can reduce abrasion during the trans
Delivery Time: 30 Work Days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 2000 Sets per Year

Detail Information

Product Name: European Style Single Hook Double Girder Overhead Crane Workshop Operation Product Type: KSQ
Control Method: Remote Control Safety Device: Included
Electric Parts: Schneider Or Siemens Or Chinese Famous Brand Color: Yellow/red Or Customizable
Lifting Speed: Frequency Conversion Lifting Weight: 5T-80T
High Light:

European Style Double Girder Overhead Crane


Single Hook Double Girder Overhead Crane


European Style single hook crane

Product Description

European Style Single Hook Double-Beam Bridge Crane Workshop Operation


Product Description of EOT Double Girder Overhead Crane

European-style double-beam bridge crane performance advantages: superior performance, compact structure, light weight, safe and reliable, and efficient in operation, which can meet various working conditions. It can reduce the overall investment of the plant, improve production efficiency, reduce maintenance costs, save operating energy consumption, and obtain a better return on investment. Scope of application: It is used for loading and unloading and moving heavy objects in machinery manufacturing workshops, electronics, precision machinery, automobile manufacturing, new energy, biopharmaceuticals and other places.

The European-style double-beam bridge crane is used in conjunction with the European-style electric hoist and runs on the track to become a higher crane capable of lifting. Generally, the lifting weight is 0.5t~50t, the span is 7.5~31.5m, and the running speed is 4-20m/min and 5-30m/min. If there are special requirements, it can be designed and manufactured separately.

The double-beam bridge crane is the most convenient and maintenance operation mode in industrial use in our country, and the production line of the enterprise also has maintenance measures such as maintenance of this equipment. Among the cranes that are prone to damage, our country has this wear-resistant material, and the energy consumption is relatively small, and the service life is relatively long, which can bring the most effective economic benefits and development to customers.

1. It has light weight, compact structure and low energy consumption. A trolley and a lifting mechanism are set on the bridge frame. The trolley can run back and forth, and the trolley runs to realize the transportation of materials and objects in the three-dimensional space.
2. European-style crane adopts a unique design concept, which has the characteristics of small size, light weight and small wheel pressure.
3. Compared with traditional cranes, the limit distance from the hook to the wall is the smallest and the headroom is the lowest. The crane can work closer to the front and has a higher lifting height, which actually increases the effective working space of the existing plant.
4. Because the crane has the characteristics of light weight and low wheel pressure, the new workshop space can be designed to be smaller and more complete.

European Style Single Hook Double Girder Overhead Crane Workshop Operation 0


European Style Single Hook Double Girder Overhead Crane Workshop Operation 1

Technical Parameter(customizable) of EOT Double Girder Overhead Crane:

Double Girder Overhead Crane
Lifting Capacity T 5 10 16/3.2 20/5 25/5 32/5 50/10 400/80
Span M 10.5-31.5 28
Lifting height M Main Hook 16 16 16 12 12/11.0 16 12 22
Aux Hook     18 11 14/13 18 16 24
Speed M/min hoist Main hook A5 12.5 8.5 7.9 7.2 7.3 7.8 5.9 2.92
A6 15.5 13.3 13 9.7 9.8 9.5 7.8  
Aux hook       14.5 12.7 12.7 19.5 13.2 9.24
Trolley travelling 37.2 43.8 44.6 44.6 37 42.4 38.5 37.2
Bridge travelling A5 89.8 /92.3 89.8-91.9 84.7-87.6 84.7/ 87.6 85.5/88 74.2-87.6 74.6 25.9
A6 116.2/ 117.4 112.5-116.8 112.5 112.5/ 101.4 112/ 101.4 86.8-101.4 87.3  
Weight Kg Trolley A5 2126 3424 6227 6856 7185 10877 15425 142.3
A6 2224 3562 6427 7180 7856 11652 15765  
Total Weight A5 12715-31405 14270-34405 19128-39428 19947-41497 20795-42796 26901-52748 35317-64880 359000
A6 12991-31596 14719-34699 20045-41315 20984-44225 22632-16324 28061-55272 36075-67242  
Max Wheel Load KN A5 74-125 102-160 141-205 163-231 185-255 237-327 333-450 7500
A6 75-126 104-162 145-211 167-239 189-263 242-335 336-457  
Rail recommended Trolley 15kg/m 43kg/m
Bridge 43kg/m QU70 QU80 QU120
Power Source According to your demand


Optimized design, compact structure
Flexible outriggers effectively release internal stress and prolong the life of the structure
Frequency conversion control, stable operation
Real-time safety monitoring to ensure the safety of lifting
Standardized and unified configuration makes the performance of the whole machine more stable
Equipped with K series lifting, suitable for rated load of 80T and below
Equipped with intelligent hoisting, suitable for rated load of 500T and below


Configuration characteristics
Low headroom design
Flexible drive, low internal stress, high transmission efficiency
Heavy-duty motor, 60% ED
Walking frequency conversion stepless speed regulation, stable operation
Self-adjusting electric disk brake, reliable and dustproof
2160N/mm2 high-strength galvanized steel wire rope, maintenance-free
Full-circumference rope guide, anti-loosing rope
Standard safety monitoring system for the whole system


Selection instructions

1. This product series table only lists the commonly used basic specification cranes, the standard span when the working class is A5 (FEM2m), and indoor cranes without auxiliary hooks. Customers can put forward corresponding requirements according to their needs.
2. This series can also increase the auxiliary crane mechanism, and can also increase the setting of doubling the speed at light load. Generally, the main and auxiliary setting is 4:1, and it can also be set according to customer requirements. The installation of auxiliary hooks will increase the total weight and wheel pressure of the crane.
3. The size, weight, and wheel pressure in the table are for customers' reference when ordering. If the customer’s requirements change, such as the working level, speed, and lifting height, the corresponding parameters, dimensions, weight, wheel pressure, etc. will be changed. If changes occur, the actual parameters, quality, and wheel pressure are subject to the requirements of the contract.
4. The lifting speeds listed in the table, the speeds of large and small cars are standard values, and can be adjusted accordingly according to customer needs.
5. Technical parameters and dimensions will change due to technical improvements or upgrades. If you have any questions, you can contact the company's technical department.

Main Features of EOT Double Girder Overhead Crane:
1. Light weight: The design software developed by the company, combined with three-dimensional modeling and finite element analysis, adopts the most reasonable structure from the lifting mechanism, steel structure to accessories, and the large-scale application of high-strength materials improves the load-bearing capacity. It can reduce its own weight, which is lighter than traditional cranes and has lower wheel pressure.
2. Small footprint: the limit distance from the hook to both sides is small, the working range is large, the height above the track surface is small, and the workshop space is effectively used.
3. Low operation and maintenance cost: due to the small wheel pressure and small size, it can reduce the investment in the early stage of the factory building, while the lighting, heating and other facilities can also save a part of the cost, and the product performance is reliable and durable, so that the later product is in use. The cost of accessories required in the system is reduced to a minimum. The optional high-quality, high-performance parts greatly reduce the workload of maintenance and repair, the total installed power is reduced, and the use cost can be saved.
4. High working performance: using frequency conversion technology, heavy load slow speed, light load fast, speed adjustment range 1:10, the crane runs smoothly, reducing the impact on the plant. Combined with anti-sway technology, high-precision positioning of lifting objects can be realized.
5. Convenient operation
6. Green manufacturing technology: adopting green design concept, wide-range application of high-strength materials, seamless blanking of main beams, automatic welding technology and laser cutting technology, realize energy saving and environmental protection in the production process, and reduce environmental pollution.
7. Fast positioning



Trolley (winch type)
Trolley operating mechanism: three-in-one compact structure of motor, reducer and brake, motor insulation class F, protection class IP55, load continuity rate 40%, with thermal protection, power distribution disk brake, reducer hard tooth surface, and After grinding or shaving, the gearbox does not need to change oil during its service life.
Forged wheels, rim and tread hardness HB330 ~ 380.
Frequency conversion speed regulation, heavy load slow speed, light load fast, speed range 1:10, smooth operation without impact.
The trolley limit switch adopts a cross travel limit switch, which reduces the running speed of the trolley to zero before the trolley buffer collides with the end stop of the trolley track.
The lifting mechanism adopts a three-point installation form. Both ends of the reel are directly supported on the end beams on both sides of the trolley frame. The pulley beams are connected by bolts to connect the end beams on both sides to form a longitudinal beam. The output shaft of the reducer is sleeved and connected to the extended winding shaft, and the lifting motor and the reducer adopt an elastic body coupling.
1. Welding reel: The reel is made of short-shaft steel plate, with bearing seats at both ends, and a sleeve shaft extending from one side. The structure is simple, and the adjustment and installation are convenient.
2. High-strength galvanized steel wire rope: the nominal tensile strength is 1870kN/mm2, the steel wire rope does not need to be coated with anti-rust oil, and it is maintenance-free
3. Hoisting motor: the standard configuration is a frequency conversion motor, optimized air-cooled, insulation class F, protection class IP55, and the power-on duration rate is 40%.
4. Lifting reducer: tooth surface carburizing and hardening treatment, hardness HRC60, and after grinding or shaving, light weight, good sealing and no oil leakage.
5. Lifting brake: Normally closed brake with automatic wear compensation, which can be manually opened and released in an emergency state through a separate manual operation. If necessary, double brakes can be set.
6. Hook group: The hook group is composed of hooks and pulleys. The hook material is DG34CrMo. The pulley material is Q235 hot-rolled, using anti-friction roller bearings, the hook can rotate 360°, and the safety buckle with spring compression can prevent slippage. All pulleys use maintenance-free bearings. The pulley design can effectively prevent the wire rope and the pulley shell from abrasion. The overall structure is exquisite in volume and beautiful in appearance.
7. Lifting limit: cam rotary type, 4-level adjustable, upper and lower limit, automatic reset, safe and reliable. The rising pre-limit reduces the impact, and the limit limit prevents the hook from rushing to the top.
8. Car electric control box: protection grade|P55, aviation plug, quick installation.

Main Product
Henan Mine Crane meet the demand factory, workshop, port, mining, waste disposal, goods scattered, petrochemical, aerospace, military and other industries of universal bridge crane, overhead crane price 20 ton 5ton, eot crane, door crane, universal gantry crane, rubber tyre and rail mounted container gantry crane, four link type portal crane, quayside container crane, crane, crane hook, mining grab crane, gantry crane, ship loader, grab bucket ship unloader, stacker reclaimer, dredger, mobile platforms and other types of hydraulic crane.

We have passed CE, GOST, SGS, and OHSAS & ISO9001:2000 international quality control,ISO14001:1996 environment and ISO9001:2001 health and safety certifications. We have a perfect quality-control system, a strict management system, and strong production capability and advanced testing measures to ensure the high production and high quality.

FAQ of
EOT Double Girder Overhead Crane
A: Can you provide custom service?
B: Yes, of course. We are manufacturer and we have our own engineer group. They can work out customized design according to your requirement. The most important thing is that you should tell us what you need.

A: Are there any professional technicians to assist our installation?
B: Yes. We have a professional installation team, who has already been to many countries to assist the installation.If you need our technicians to offer this service, please let us know in advance. So that we can arrange the suitable technicians to your country.

A: Whether or not you can offer the matched spare parts?
B: Yes, as a crane manufacturer, we can offer all the related spare parts. Such as motor, hoists, drums, wheels,grabs, hooks, rails, travel beams, enclosed bus bar, etc.

A: How can you ensure the quality?
B: Before delivery, every product will be tested strictly and we will send you the quality certification. You are alsowarmly welcomed to our factory to make the inspections.

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